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Albert Street Productions - oversees the production of the Mass as well as being involved in the production of a number of other television and promotional documentaries.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne - has supported the production of MFYAH since 1971 both financially and with the provision of clergy and support.

Text of the week - a number of viewers have asked where they can find the readings for each week - this site provides those readings and reflections and commentaries.

The Catholic Directory - the official directory of all things Catholic in Australia.

The Vatican - the official site of the Vatican

Catechism of the Catholic Church - a searchable version to assist you to find Church teachings easily on-line

National Office for Evangelisation

Catholic Enquiry Centre

Fr Richard Leonard has just released a book of his homilies: “Preaching to the Converted on Sundays and Feastdays Throughout the Year? available from Rainbow Book Agencies, 303 Arthur St, Fairfield Vic 3078 Australia Ph 03 9481 6611 Fax 03 9481 2371

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